4 Great Easy Social Media Marketing Resources to Help You Grow Your Small Business Online


1. Facebook business page

There are currently over 749 million active Facebook users and experts say that this number will change to over 1 billion by the end of 2012. With so many people creating a buzz, sharing and discussing their likes, Facebook makes an invaluable resource for an easy social media marketing strategy. Through their Facebook business page, companies can reach new potential customers and put their products and services on display to large, targeted communities of just waiting for the right kind of offer to come.

2. Your company’s Twitter page

Although not as large as Facebook, Twitter has grown rapidly over the past few years and became a perfect opportunity for small businesses to take advantage of. Just like in Facebook, companies can put themselves on display in front of over 250 million active Twitter users through their business page. Twitter, however, offers better tools than Facebook for targeting local markets, thus increasing conversion rates and bringing in more leads.

3. LinkedIn business page

LinkedIn, also called as “The Professional Network”, has over 150 million active users worldwide, with 64 million just in the USA. Recent studies show that, due to the professional feel and business oriented design, LinkedIn produces the highest conversion rates of the social networks. One of the most important aspects of LinkedIn is the possibility for businesses to develop professional networks and position themselves as experts in their industry.

 4.  Business blog

Arguably the most profitable resource for easy social media marketing, the blog was voted as essential for their business by 85% of all managers interviewed in a late 2011 study. By blogging, your company can promote products or services to targeted audiences in a user friendly manner, increasing the chance your readers would turn into actual customers. If done right, blogs are the highest converting social media marketing tools a company can own.

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