2016 Best-Selling Authors’ Great Writing Tips for Every Writer

Every writer can never be content with what he or she already knows. They will strive every single day to hone their skill and be more effective like a sponge that absorbs every piece of writers’ advice and would love to devour all the great writing tips out there, if only they could… These are three best-selling books on Amazon for the year 2016 that any writer would love to have written just by learning a few writer tips.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them by J. K. Rowling

Who doesn’t know J. K. Rowling? Every writer would love to achieve her literary and financial successes. This prequel to the Harry Potter stories reached the top spot in 2016 because of one very good advice by the author.

Rowling advises writers to put heavy emphasis on planning. Resist the temptation of going right down to the writing without careful planning. If you want to create an entire world of a boy wizard, all those magical characters, creatures and events and make them all connect beyond your audience’s wildest imagination, then create a great plan. It took Rowling five years to plot everything in each of those seven books. You want to write a great book? Plan it out well.

Oh, the Places You’ll Go! by Dr. Seuss

Who would have thought that a children’s book would make the best-seller list in Amazon? But this last novel of the beloved children’s books author had such style of writing, it overcame the big novel names – thanks also to the buying moms of newborns and toddlers.

Dr. Seuss advised: Make sure that books are fun to read while at the same time, making it a source of learning. “Cat in the Hat” it was supposed to help children read but came out to do beyond that.

Cut down the writing to only what is essential. Length does not equal quality and Dr. Seuss would leave only about 5% of what he first wrote leaving 95% on the author’s floor. So write only what’s necessary.

When Breath Becomes Air by Paul Kalanathi

This book by neurosurgeon Paul Kalanithi, posthumously published after the author died of cancer, seeks answers to life’s ultimate question: What makes life worth living?

A writer should catch Kalanithi’s contagious characteristic – driven to succeed to the top in many ways we, mere mortals are not. We may not be the genius that he was but we should be as driven.

And as a writer, one should be driven to a single goal – wanting to write about finding the answer, even while dying. Not to be too morbid but yes, write as if today is your last day and tomorrow’s ideas have to be written in print or else they will be gone. Kalanithi didn’t make any excuses to write with passion and drive, not even his impending death.

So there you have it! No wonder these books reached the top of the list in 2016. These are great writing tips for writers new and old. We may not always get to the success we imagined but keep at it and for sure you will get there. Just always remember these simple writer tips: Plan ahead, make it fun for your audience and most importantly, be driven in your writing passion. Who knows, we will see your name in many best-seller lists next year.

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