11 Quick Tips To Make Your Content Shareable

Creating effective content takes time and effort, but when it does not reach the right people, the hard work becomes futile. But it’s possible for your content to grab the attention of the desired individuals if it reaches a wider audience. And social sharing is the best way to make that happen.

Most people stay connected with like-minded folks on social media, so when they share your blog on their social media handles, you get visibility amongst an audience that is likely to interact and respond to your content. Since it’s the decision to share belongs to your audience, you have to create content which they get compelled to share!

How To Create Shareable Content?

Of course, the content should be original and relevant to the audience. But there are few extra steps that will take your content miles ahead of your competitors in terms of visibility and reach. Follow these ideas to make your content shareable.

1.  See What Your Competitors Are Doing

Have a look at your competitor’s content- it would help you identify what is popular amongst your target audience. To begin with, you can narrow down to your top three competitors and study their content marketing activities for the past three months.

List down the different content platforms they are active on- blogs, videos, podcasts, etc. and the topics they have covered. Find out which topics and what platform received more views and shares from the audience. This will give you insights into what is popular amongst the target audience.

2.  Find Trending Topics

Apart from the ground your competitors have already covered, keep an eye on trending topics in your niche. Find the latest ideas, news, industry trends, etc. that would interest your audience, and be among the first ones to create content on them.

3.  Inform and Entertain

The content that people like to share is usually both informative and entertaining. Write original blog posts that have something refreshing as well as valuable for the readers.

People share content that presents them as intellectual or information-seeker. Nobody will share a post that portrays them as shallow or ignorant.

Usually, the audience loves content that’s informative as well as entertaining. So instead of serving bland information, sprinkle it with a little bit of humor or a seasoning of your choice!

4.   Craft Appealing Headlines

The headline gives the first impression of an article. Hence, use it strategically to convey your blog is different from the usual run-of-the-mill content. Of course, we are not asking you to use click-bait titles that have no resemblance to the content inside the link. You need to emphasize what new you have on a topic that has probably been covered by many people, or why readers would benefit from knowing it.

Moreover, many people share blogs on social media without reading it thoroughly, or by merely because of its title. While such folks may not respond to your call for action, they give your work a wider reach. Entice them to hit the share button and take your content to an interested audience.

5.     Make It Easy To Read

Use simple yet effective language so that more people can grasp your message. Break down your text into small paragraphs of 3-4 lines. Use sub-headings, bullet points, tables, etc. to make your text easy to read, and mobile-optimize your content. The online audience has a short attention span; make it convenient for them to skim and scan your text, and click share without spending a great deal of time in reading it.

6.   Tell Stories

Storytelling is a more effective way of conveying your ideas. Rather than writing plain articles, try to structure a story around it. Stories are more appealing, and readers can relate to them and understand them better.

When you write a story around something that the target readers care deeply about, they are likely to see themselves in it and share your work with their friends and family.

7.   Use Interesting Images

By featuring an eye-catching image in your blog post, you can draw attention to your content.  You can also use infographics for the purpose.  It’s a great way to find readers for your captivating content, so please don’t create a blog post with blocks of texts and no visuals or accompanying images. Make sure that the image doesn’t take too long to load, and position it correctly in your post.

8.     Validate Opinions

People love to share informative articles or videos that validate their opinions. For instance, when you create a blog post on the medical benefits of cannabis, it will be picked up by its supporters to strengthen their cause. Likewise, when you research and write about the disadvantages of cannabis addiction, you will find traction among those who oppose its legalization.

In order to utilize this strategy, you need to know more about your target audience- their beliefs, opinions, and topics they like to debate about. Present them more information and insights on these topics. Take a neutral stand yourself and discuss different points of view on the same matter.

9.     Have Buttons For Social Sharing

If your website has buttons that one can click to share your post on social media, more people are likely to share it. While people can always copy-paste the URL and share, the buttons make it easier as well as tempting to do so.

10.    Ask Your Audience To Share

It is always a great idea to ask your audience to share your content and subscribe to your blog (or Youtube channel) towards the end. Likewise, you can also ask audience to leave their opinions or feedbacks as comments- that helps in gaining visibility too!

11.   Build A Loyal Audience

Retain the deeply interested readers by having them subscribe to your blog, channel, social media, or newsletters. Engage and interact with your audience if you want them to become your promoters. You can also conduct surveys to hunt for new topics, and when you cover those topics, give a mention to the survey participants who contributed their ideas. They would be happy to share the content, and look forward to more from you!

So next time when you work on new content, incorporate these ideas and reach out to the people you have actually created the content for.

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