10 Marketing Concepts Writers Need In 2022

The content marketing world is rapidly expanding, and companies are spending increasingly more significant amounts of their budget on digital branding. The numbers are impressive. According to IPG data via AdAge, U.S. companies’ marketing budgets will “maintain a healthy clip of 12% growth in 2022, surpassing $300 billion for the first time with nearly all major industries returning to pre-COVID marketing budgets”. That’s awesome, right?

But, what does this mean for content writers? Well, for starters, the expanding demand will open up new opportunities for aspiring writers. However, this means that each writer will have exponentially more writers to compete with. So, what are the marketing concepts you need to succeed (and survive) in 2022 as a writer?

1. Create Your Own Website

If you want to make it as a writer in 2022, you need to create your own website. Do not be alarmed; it does not have to be super awesome, dazzling, high tech, with immersive reality to do the job. I have seen many successful writers opt for the free platform WordPress when creating their own websites.

The key point is to showcase your work and wow your potential clients with your writing skills - not your programming ones. So keep it simple, but make sure that it highlights - and markets - all your fantastic qualities as a writer.

2. Create Your Own Blog

Creating a blog is admittedly easier than designing your own webpage, but the scope of a blog is different and has its own etiquette and set of underlying rules. Yes, it is hard work and you have to stay committed to it, but blogs are an excellent way to market yourself as a writer. Not only will you keep practicing your craft, but you can also demonstrate your niche! In addition, a well-written blog that engages its readers will do wonders in drawing in clients.

3. Be A Guest Writer On Blogs

Whenever you can, make a guest appearance on other writers’ blogs. This is an excellent marketing concept that you need to promote in 2022. You can approach a whole new audience and make your presence known further and broader by guest blogging.

Research online publications that target your ideal client and pitch for a guest writing post. Many publications offer their space for guest writers, and if you are offering to write a post for free, many will jump to the opportunity.

Since it is your one shot at the said blog, make sure you create stellar content, that offers something useful, meaningful, and insightful to your reader. This way, your guest blog post will be liked and shared, bringing you to the forefront of more readers’ attention.

4. Be Active On Social Media

Learning the Social Media lingo is an absolute marketing concept you need in 2022. Whether you are writing social media posts for a client, or marketing yourself, learning the social media basics and staying active on the platforms, is very important. Social media is your two-communication alley with your audience and prospective clients.

5. Lean The SEO Language

SEO is the marketing world’s oldest darling. You cannot call yourself a content writer if you are not well versed in SEO language. The fundamentals of SEO are not that hard. You can search for keywords using Google’s keyword search and strategically place these keywords in your context. Read more about SEO here, here, and here.

6. Get Connected on Forums

Join several writing forums and get connected. It is a brilliant way to market yourself and know what is going on in the world of marketing. You can also find out what pain points your potential clients have by interacting in Q&A sections. Make yourself useful and make yourself present. If you make your presence visible, the next time a client will need to hire a writer, they will look for you.

7. Do Some Free Work For Charities

We are not saying go all Mother Tereza crazy and do everything pro bono. But, offering your services to charities without expecting something in return is a great way to market yourself and grow your portfolio at the same time! You show that you care for your community and that there is a human face behind the pen name.

8. Join A Writing Course

Even the best writers frequently face writer’s block and burnout. If you want to make it in the marketing world, you need to know that writing courses are the best marketing investments you can gift yourself. There is an abundance of writing courses out there; we recommend the one offered by Iris Writing Academy, tailored to suit the needs of beginner and advanced writers alike.

9. Learn The Latest Trends

The landscape of the content writing world is constantly shifting, simultaneously and new trends make their entry. The crucial marketing concept you need to grasp for 2022 entirely is that there is no rest for the wicked. You must remain vigilant and keep your eyes and ears open for the latest developments.

For instance, the term UX has recently made a grand entrance in the world of marketing. However, even though it has been around for some time, the coinage is relatively new, and if you are not confident as to what UX exactly is and how to do it, read more about it here.

10. Create Your Own Support Group

No one can understand a content writer better than another writer. It is not a marketing concept you need, per se, but having your support group is an absolute must if you want to survive 2022 as a writer. Find writers that you can connect with and will lift you, support you, inspire you and help you get through the rough days.

Wrapping Up

If you want to make it as a writer in 2022, you need these ten marketing concepts. But several others can be added to the list to help you survive in the content writing arena and succeed. Do you have any other marketing concepts to add to our list? Please feel free to comment below!